One of my favourite things to work on is experimenting with texture on the metal and how this changes the outward appearance of the metal. Take lace, dried organic material, or pieces of broken metal tools and roll the metal over these to create unique surfaces.

But these did not quite provide me with the random landscape I was after so I was looking around for a way to create a surface that had depth, totally random and had a raw organic appeal. Therefore when I found a great flat piece of Mt Eden Basalt that had started life as one of the curbstones outside my home I began to experiment using different hammers. With Keum Book being the final technique to be used on the work within the wrapped range I have opted to use Fine Silver rather than Sterling Silver and then go through the process of heating and cooling to get the fine silver surface needed – Ok Im lazy ;-).

So to create the surface that the Wrapped range is created from all you need is a piece of fine silver, a hammer and a large piece of Mt Eden Basalt.

The rest is history!