Organic Tales – Counting Giants Square Link Chain Bracelet


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Organic Tales takes as its starting point organic, flowing natural forms with undulating lines and dynamic curves.
The square link chain is part of my Organic Tales series which are in turn inspired by myths and legends around the world. The idea for this link all started with a conversation around The Valiant Little Tailor, a Brothers Grimm fairy tale and the marking on the tailor’s belt of his great deed.
This concept of showing a total played into how I love marking the surface of my work. I call these my Counting Giants Rings as the markings are a series of random lines some are grouped together with a line drawn across – a pattern we sometimes use to make a simple count. Why a square version?  I liked the idea of not doing the expected – the result is a beautiful heavy weighted statement chain.

Total Length, when stretched out, is 22 cm but lies more comfortably at around 20.5cm. Can be satin finished if you prefer this silver finish.

If you are interested in this chain in a necklace length please ask me and I can provide you with a quote.

Materials: Sterling Silver and Silicon Bronze

Additional information

Weight 63 g
Dimensions 22 mm


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