Hand Forged Unisex Sterling Silver Cuff


This is a hand forged sterling silver cuff bracelet. Beautifully minimal it has a relaxed bohemian vibe to it. Oval shape to fit comfortably around the wrist and left open so you can slip the bangle on and then squeeze closed.

Available on back-order

This is a hand forged sterling silver cuff bracelet. Beautifully minimal it has a relaxed bohemian vibe to it.  Oval shape to fit comfortably around the wrist and left open so you can slip the bangle on and then squeeze closed.

This would make a great anniversary, graduation or birthday gift for both men and women. They look great when stacked with other bangles. (See photos for examples of three of these bangles stacked together – Each is a different diameter to show you how they stack and work on the wrist)

These Cuff Bangles colour and finish develop as they are worn and for those of you who want a more organic and feel to their Jewellery. Each bangle is unique due to the way it is formed and made.

They are solid silver bangles and have a lovely weight to them. They are made from Sterling silver oval wire (which is curved on both the outside & the inside) – approximately 9mm wide x 3mm thick.

Available in a polished finish or a soft satin finish.
Available in a soft organic hammered finish or a ridged hammered finish – see photos for differences in finishes. Please message me as to what finish you would like.

Please allow me 1-3 business days to make the bracelet for you

I make these silver bangles to skim the wrist rather than the traditional bangle. I make them to your wrist size

IMPORTANT*******How to measure your wrist for the cuff********

1. You will slide the cuff on the narrowest part of your wrist prior to your palm. To find this area wrap your fingers around your wrist just below your hand.

2. Using a strip of paper, length of string, or tape measurements, wrap it around your hand at this point. If you are using a plain strip of paper or string, mark your size with a pen on that paper. Then measure that paper strip/string with a ruler.

3. This is the circumference of your wrist.

4. Please also measure how thick your wrist is from your palm to the front side of your wrist.

As an example for the circumference of my wrist it is 14.5cm and the thickness of my wrist from front to back is 3.5cm.

These are the measurements you need to provide me – please message me

* The circumference of the wrist
* The thickness of the wrist

If this is a gift for someone I can make these cuffs in 4 standard sizes

A: Circumference 17.8cm 7 inches
B: Circumference 19cm 7.5 inches
C: Circumference 20.3cm 8 inches
D: Circumference 21.6cm 8.5 inches

Let me know if this is the preferred option

This Cuff can be hand engraved on the inside surface. There would be a separate charge for this based on what you were wanting to be engraved. Please message me and I can provide you with a cost for this.

This listing is for one hand forged sterling silver Cuff Bracelet.

Engraving if required will be extra – please message me for costs


Materials used:

925 sterling silver

Manufacturing information:

Each piece of jewellery is handmade from my Auckland based studio. Being handmade means that each piece will be slightly different from the last. I have one in stock, if you require more please allow 2-3 weeks to make until Shipping. We will keep you informed at all stages.

Packaging information:

We ensure that your jewellery is packaged firstly in black tissue and then within a specially H+WJ Logo linen bag. To post we wrap in bubble wrap and place this within cardboard and include an Artist Profile.

Care instructions:

HerbertandWilks Jewellery strives to create stunning, unique wearable pieces that can last a long time. To keep your Silver Jewellery pieces looking extra fresh, some basic care will be required and here are some tips to get you started. Removing jewellery when performing manual tasks can prevent physical damage caused to your jewellery because of rough contact or exposure to chemicals. Invest in a Jewellery box or roll to keep your pieces organised and to help avoid scratches. Sterling Silver will oxidise over time due to the nature of the metal but here is what you can do either clean your silver jewellery using a polishing cloth or wash with warm water, mild dish soap (no harsh detergents) and a soft brush. To be honest I wear my personal pieces all the time (bed, work, in the workshop, sea, showers, pools) and my pieces keep clean and it solves the problem with storage! Yes, there are scratches from wearing the jewellery, but I like the charm and character they provide the piece. My jewellery is made to be worn. If I really want a piece to shine I can always use a polishing cloth on them to make them shine like new. In the end, its all up to you to decide how you prefer your pieces to be cared for. Hope you have found these tips useful.

Gift Wrapping:

Please let me know if you would like your jewellery gift wrapped or you would you like us to include a personalised note in a gift card? Select the gift wrap option and leave a note during checkout and we will gladly write one for you. We have a range of specially designed H+W cards that are perfect for sending as a gift.
We will make sure that your jewellery is wrapped and then packaged in a box for postage.

Special notes:

Please visit my About page for a better understanding of my inspirations behind my jewellery. Please feel free to let me know if you have any inquiries or custom work at sally@herbertandwilks.co.nz.

Weight 27 g
Dimensions 22 mm


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