Established in 2013, HerbertandWilks Jewellery is a natural extension of my passion for making and experimenting in new materials and techniques.

The Jewellery we choose to wear and how we wear it holds a fascination for me. Jewellery provides a link to human evolution from the earliest primitive times to the current day: from when jewellery was worn as a tallisman, protection from unseen dangers to symbols of status and rank, to adornments to enhance the individuals choice of how they present to the world around them or for their own personal satisfaction.

Wearing Jewellery is driven by who we are – our choices that provide a visual story representing multiple layers: groups we belong to, where life has taken us and how we want to be perceived. For the wearer, it is a reminder of our journey through life and our place therein.

Sally Herbert

Contemporary Jewellery Designer and Maker

Metal Smith standing alongside a workbench

I’m an Auckland based designer who specialises in contemporary art jewellery designs.

My design ethos is centred around the luxury of timeless, modern simplicity. My brand, HerbertandWilks Jewellery is contemporary, yet enduring, connecting my understated sense of style with a relaxed New Zealand spirit.

I believe that often beauty lies in simplicity – my work is empowering, bold and forward thinking – inspired by real life and the natural environment around us.
Over time I have blended my interest in Textiles and texture with the metals I work with to adorn the surface of much of the work to create pieces that are authentic and unique.
I experiment with techniques and processes, researching and considering every step in a process. This helps to evolve my ideas.
One of my favourite designers, William Morris, famously said “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”.
His quote rings true for the small works of art that we adorn ourselves with.

Birdseye view of a woman metal smith sawing at a jewellers bench